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Why Use Quantcast?   

  • Understand who's using your app with detailed demographic profiles of your audience (Gender, Age, Household Composition, Education, Ethnicity and Income)
  • Attract and retain users with product insights that enable you to measure loyalty and benchmark your audience retention against the average
  • Get a complete picture of your online and mobile app audiences all in one place based on one consistent methodology and years of expertise in machine learning
  • See how your audience moves across your website, mobile web and app so you can manage the migration flow between platforms and within your product
  • The only open platform that allows you to externally validate and showcase your audience for free

Sign up now to get started. Quantcast Measure for Apps is compatible with iOS, Android and PhoneGap mobile apps. Get it all in five minutes with basic implementation, for free.

Quantcast offers the most complete and accurate demographics solution in the market to help you better understand your users, for free. Learn what kind of audiences are using your apps so you can find more of them, improve user retention and better your monetization strategies.

Who's Using Your App?

Find out if your latest version has a consistently loyal audience by viewing visit frequency. Want to see how your user loyalty stacks up against the average? Our benchmarking feature shows you where you stand.

Discover User Loyalty

The only open platform that allows you to validate and showcase your audience, Quantcast.com lets you publish your profile and promote your stats. Make all or some of your measurement profile public.

Showcase and Validate

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